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Banner advertising
If you want to highlight your business, then we offer you online advertising on our shopping center guides at attractive and
favorable monthly prices. Your banner ad will appears on all pages on the chosen guide or guides with a fixed location for a full 
calendar month. 
Where you want to link to or what you write as link text is your choice and here are no requirement for advertisers that they have
to have a business in the chosen shopping center.
See below which banner ad we offer on our shopping center guides
and which suits your business best. Banner advertisement can be
booked directly on each individual guide.
Banner size File format Price
Banner 1 650x75 pixel JPG, PNG, Gif or animated GIF 200,- €
Banner 2 150x200 pixel JPG, PNG, Gif or animated GIF 100,- €
Banner 3 150x50 pixel JPG, PNG, Gif or animated GIF 50,- €
A setup fee of 10,- € apply on each advertisement.
Rotation and replacement of all banner ads on our guides are done
automatically every 1st of the month between 01 pm and 06 pm,
depending on the time zone you are in and relative to where we
have located our servers and runs full calendar months.
It can not be done easier .....
Banner size 150x50 Pixel
Banner size 150x50 pixel
Banner size 150x200 Pixel
Banner size 150x200 pixel
Banner size 650x75 Pixel
Banner size 650x75 pixel
Banner placement
Banner placement on shopping center guides
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